How To Repair Playstation 3 Error 80028e02


You are trying to log into the PSN so that you can check your profile and your games. However you are unable to do so and get the Playstation 3 error 80028e02 on your screen. What could that mean? After trying several times, you are still unable to do so. By now I know that you must be very worried that your PS3 is ruined. You need not worry. The Playstation 3 error 80028e02 is caused by network blockages. The Playstation 3 error 80028e02 is very common in filtered networks such as campus networks. This is because the administrators of those networks might have put restrictions that are aimed at preventing hackers and other malicious software from accessing the network. If you stumbled upon such an error, you can fix it by doing the following.

  • Check that your internet connection. The best way to check it is via your PC. If you can be able to surf with your PC, then that could only mean that the problem was not with your internet connection.
  • If you are using a filtered network such as the networks in a campus, ask the administrator to find out what you have to do to get clearance.
  • Change some of the settings within the router. This will grant your PS3 full access online.
  • You can also fix the error by sharing your PC internet connection and use the PS3 on the shared connection to go online.

Under normal circumstances the above methods will work. However there are times when the methods won’t work. What do you do if the remedies above fail to correct the Playstation 3 error 80028e02? If they fail to fix the error, then I would advise you to try the guide below. It has step by step instruction on how to fix any error. You might think that the steps are difficult to understand. As a matter of fact, it is as simple as ABC. Anyone can use the guide below to fox the error in their PS3. If you want your PS3 to be up and running in less than an hour rather than 6 weeks, then you should try out the guide below.

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