How To Repair Playstation 3 Error 800288bf


This error can irritate anyone who is playing videos with their console. The question that most people ask themselves is why some videos are playing while others won’t play on your console. It really doesn’t matter whether the video is a streaming or a downloaded video. The Playstation 3 error 800288bf will pop up when either of the videos fails to play. The Playstation 3 error 800288bf is mainly caused by video compatibility problems. In other words, the video that you want to play is not supported by your PS3 console. There are three ways that can be used to solve this error.

  • Upgrade your firmware to a higher version that will be able to play all the video files.
  • You can get a video player that is able to support a wide variety of video files. That way you will be able to play most of the video files that you have.
  • You can try to encode the video into a format that is compatible with your console. There are a very many encoding software on the internet. Most of them can be downloaded for free and they are very easy to use.

There are times when these steps will fail to work. What do I say, shit happens. If all the three methods fail to solve your problem, you can choose to send it to the Sony official repair center and have your YLOD repaired. Taking it to sony sounds like it is the best thing to do right? But practically it is not a good idea to take it to sony. This is why I think that taking it to sony should not be in your mind, first of all, you will have to wait for at least 6 weeks for your PS3 console to be repaired. You will also be required to pay 150 bucks for the services and all your saved games will be deleted from your hard drive. That does not sound good does it? If you don’t want to go through all that, then I have a better alternative for you. Simply try the guide below. It will not cost you 150 bucks and you won’t have to wait for 6 weeks for your console to be repaired.

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