How To Fix Green Light, Yellow Light, Flashing Red Light Problems

Have you fallen a victim of Sony with the PS3 yellow light (YLOD), PS3 green light or PS3 red light error, and now you want a repair so you can go back to enjoying your favorite games?

However, there is a problem and this is the fact that you do not know how to fix your damaged Playstation 3 yourself so you want to send your problem console to Sony which will require that you pay $150 and wait for at least 2 weeks and at most 6 weeks .

A better option is that you do not. Do not send your trouble shooting PS3 to Sony, which will require that you pay $150 and wait for a long time. To save you money and time, repair your PS3 yourself using the repair guide provided. The repair guide will help you repair your PS3 system within hours at no cost.

Our Playstation repair guide is better than any other repair guide is because the information given is awesome and easy to use. This repair guide if provided to you in PDF format. The guide provides you with all the information needed.

The guide also includes the following:
HD Videos: This guide is number one on the repair guide list. This guide provides you with the enormous video repair guide ever seen. This repair guide video will let you watch and listen to the Playstation 3 repairs by simply following every direction given.

Personal help: We provide people with email consulting, especially personal emails. This simply means that you can contact support by opening a support ticket to ask question or make enquires when you do not understand something or if you only need to ask questions and you will get your reply within 1 hour.

In addition, we have a forum where all members can converge and ask questions, and a team of expert Playstation 3 technicians will answer all your questions. By this, you are assured of a perfect PS3 repair.

We as experts will help you repair the following problems:

- PS3 red-light problems

- PS3 green light problems

- PS yellow light problems

- Ways to properly cleanup the Blu-ray lens on your Playstation 3

- Freezing movies and games

- Audio problems

- PS3 display problems

- Power issue problems

- Repairs on the blinking problems of PS3
And other commonly known PS3 problems

Playstation 3 and PS3 Gaming Systems

PS3 is an official abbreviation for the latest Playstation 3 game which as the ”name indicates”, is the third version of the home video game produced by Sony., Playstation 3 is a successor of the Playstation 2 and a part of the Playstation series, also owned and produced by Sony computer entertainment. The Playstation 3 is outstanding, and it competes favorably with big games like Nintendo’s Wii and the Microsoft’s Xbox games, which are all video game consoles of the seventh generation.

One major characteristic that differentiates the Playstation 3 from the other standard home video games is the holistic online gaming service that the playing station network provides. Other important feature of this console includes; its outstanding multimedia strength, the connectivity and its medium of primary storage called the Blu-ray Disc, and the PS3 is the first Blu-ray disc player out in the market.

Playstation 3 Games

Varieties of the games you want
There are many games on the play station 3 systems that everyone would love. The Playstation 3 trademark system gives out theses goods from some of the top-notch industry moguls like the SOCOM, to the highly anticipated game of all time. The Playstation 3 library is very large so chances are that you will find whatever it is you want to play.

The Playstation Network Games
The play station network allows you to directly download games from its system, and allows you to meet millions of Playstation game lovers and even play online games with multiple players. The Playstation network gives you access to free add-ons, demos and games that reward you with trophies. In addition, explore the interactive unique gaming platform known as the Playstation home, which allows you to personally build beautiful looking avatar and launch games online.

Greatest Hits
Get yourself one of the most best selling and very popular games from the PS series at an affordable price on the greatest hit area. Some games do not fade away even with time such as LEGO Batman and Soulcalibur. These games over time become the greatest hits.

The next generations of gaming
The Playstation 3 system is the first home video game to use the cell broadband engine. This cell broadband engine is an advance microprocessor that enables your PS system to work very fast and effectively to give you the best gaming and viewing excitement ever. In addition, the PS3 home video game also has an inbuilt high definition Blu-ray player with a large storage hard disk drive (HDD). This feature allows you to store a large amount of games and programs on your system and then enables you to watch HD movies in its original form.

Playstation 3 Trophies and Game Play

Let them know there competition
Playstation trophies are sophisticated, they speak for themselves you do not need to brag.

Earn trophies

Trophies are of four types: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. These trophies are given to players who are able to beat up bad people in the game or every time you move higher in the game. The more you play the more trophies you collect until the game is over and until you have collected the utmost trophy, which is platinum. The number of trophies you win will be added up to determine your level in the game.

Trophy Collection

The types of trophies worn and the one to still be unlocked in the game are shown on the XMB trademark under games. For more details, you can click on each trophy to see the requirements.

Playstation network profile
You can see your trophies and other activities on the profile of your Playstation network. Your profile on the game displays both your current and general trophies won and your level status in the game. In addition, it shows you much more you must play to reach the next level. Ps 3 is a motivational game, and wherever in the game you stop playing, whenever you return to the game that section you stopped for any length of time is where you will begin from.

The goodness of pausing
This applies when you will have to take a break to do something else when playing a game. The pause button on the game is very important; it helps you to hold the game while you do other activities. Do not stop the game during play, just pause the action using the XMB and pressing the PS button on the system.

The PS games allow you to easily talk to other users and friends currently playing the game. You can communicate with them in two ways; by text or by using your headset to voice chat with them. The system also allows you to check your friends and other online users profile and trophies; it also allows you to add friends. This access to other users profile allows you to understand the type and level of persons you are up against.

Do you want to play an online game? Feel free to change the settings of your Bluetooth while you are in the middle of a game so you can continue the game online using your headset. In addition, you can even adjust other settings easily without stopping the game.

Please note;
That not all of XMB features can be used while playing a game.
Although the PS button is to pulse the game but if you press it for long, you could turn off the system, quite the game and more. When playing your Playstation2 or the Playstation software, the XMB screen will not be displayed. In addition when playing a Playstation 3 software or format that does not support this feature, the XMB screen will not be displayed.

The Playstation Network

Get games, add-ons, demos and more when you plug in. enter the online Playstation store using your Playstation 3 system inbuilt network port or the Wi-Fi connection. Here you will find hundreds of different games to download; there are countless games to hit, all from the current releases to Playstation1 classics.
Online gaming
Join the large numbers of online players at no extra cost
Challenge your playmate or competition with in-game matchmaking
You can even use your special global account ID for all Playstation compatible titles.

Friends and messaging
Allows you to chat and text freely with friends
Allows you to known when your friends are online and to know the particular games they are playing.
Provides you real time voice chat communication
Provides you with video chat that accommodates up to six people using the Playstation Eye
It provides you the resources of showing off your trophy conquests using facebook updates or updates your friends on what games you just got from the Playstation store.

Playstation Store
Availability of upcoming games with playable free demos to preview
Allows you to download Playstation1 classics on your PSP and PS3 systems
Purchase downloadable games like fat princess or pixel junk shooters and more for your PS3 system
Provides you with high-definition movies and game trailers to watch Download and watch right now, all the TV series and movies you love. You can even rent any TV episode you like for as low as $1.99 or movies for as little as $2.99. You can even pay more to own these TV series and movies, so that you can watch them repeatedly. You can also transfer movies from one system to the other buy purchasing a PSP system and Playstation 3 system. Purchasing both, systems help you a lot, for instance when you are interrupted from watching a film on your PS3 system, you can transfer it to your PSP system and take it on the go.

Playstation Store Features

Playstation stores provide complete convenience for add-ons, games, movies and more
The Playstation network and store provides you with lots of new games, TV series, movies and more, so look no further. You will find hundreds of games, add-ons and more readily available for download. You will also find hundreds of full-length TV episodes, night movies and any movie at all available online. You will find every genre, style or type of movies from mixed martial arts to family friendly comedies or any type at all.

Hottest games
You need to stuff your Playstation 3 system with downloaded exclusive games. The site avails you of hundreds of our downloadable very popular games like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, or Ratchet and Clank all available on our Playstation store. In addition, you will find full exclusive games never seen anywhere else, such as the incredibly interesting pixel junk shooters.

Newest demos
Preview new PS3 system games to include free demos. Many people love to try these games out before they buy. What other explanation can you give about the crowd of people pushing themselves around in the store for free cheese samples?

Game wallpapers, add-ons, trailers and more
Using add-ons are the best ways to get more features and functions out of your games. These add-ons can include different accessories, more contents and extra levels that can make your games better. We constantly add new add-ons to our Playstation store like new songs for guitar hero, or rock band or killzone 2 with map-packs. You can freely customize your PS3 system or XMB with themes, wallpapers and icons.

Downloadable TV series, movies and shows
Our Playstation store has plenty of TV series and assorted movies to rent or buy. You can rent a movie from the Playstation store for 2 weeks for as low as $2.99 or simple buy for a little more extra cash and watch it repeatedly. Your PS3 system covers other interesting aspects such as drama, fights, reality, animations or whatever it is that you see on DVD or TV. We continuously build our library and are constantly posting latest releases.
Unlike our rival consoles, our PS3 system allows you to backup movies, TV series and many more on an external hard drive, to create adequate storage space. Although the PS3 system has enough memory for all the space you need for your movies, video, photos, music and more, we still want you to be able to save these programs outside your system to create space for new one.

The Playstation store movies and TV shows

Lots and lots of movies and TV series
The Playstation stores avails you of the opportunities to download thousands of full-length TV series and movies. When you rent a movie or show and you do not play them, it will stick on your system for 2 weeks and then you will have only 24 hours to watch them once you press the play button. For a better option of watching your movies repeatedly, just buy them for as little as $9.99 up to $14.99. Once you have purchased them, you can now freely watch them when you want on your PS3 or PSP system. It even allows you to start watching the movie you purchased before it finishes downloading, and then you can now backup the movie and any other item you purchased to an external hard drive.

There are many titles to choose from
Select from the thousands of movies, TV shows and more, whether family comedy or action movies from the Playstation store. There is definitely something for everyone.

Playstation 3 software updates

This evolution is very easy and free
Keeping yourself looking good and healthy: hard, its hardness helps you to keep your PS3 system in top form. Ease; this system software receives regular updates plus gets new upgrades , security features and other features added to it regularly, so you do not have to border yourself about your PS3 system going out of date.

Playstation 3 Blu-Ray

Blu-ray movies
Movies watched on the Playstation 3 system, in Blu-ray produces great effects such as theater quality sound, pristine picture and standard HD action. Blu-ray incredibly makes for a great TV experience, and its technology is long lasting. The Blu-ray disc profile 2.0 also called the BD-Live ensures that you enjoy the best and latest of entertainment for many more years.

Key Features of the Blu-ray:

Highest definition: PS3 has the highest definition in quality with 1080p resolution, available today.
Theater audio sound: the sound system is superb, you hear things as they are supposed to be heard with its great surrounded sounds of up to 7.1 channels.
Large storage capacity: availability of 50 GB BD storage space for all of your movies and DVDs
Blu-ray disc profile 2.0's BD-Live feature: enjoy your device better, watch more movies with downloadable bonus movie games, contents and more features. All this and more can only b e enjoy with BD-Live.
Backward compatible: play your present DVD movie s on the Blu-ray or upscale your DVDs to HD standard qualities for a more vibrant experience.

Blu-ray 3D disc playback

Relax and enjoy a completely new dimension of 3D movies, video games, sports, animations and moiré from Sony, the masters in 3D entertainment. Watch true 3D video games in stereoscope, exclusive games and the highest quality of high definition Blu-ray on your play station 3 system.
XMB access in game
With this XMB access in game, you do not have to always stop your game whenever you get a message, all you need to do is to simply pause the game and do all the things you need to do.
Winner's trophies
When you play, you win. Then you should tell everyone about it. Every trophy you win, your total trophies in and what you need to get to the next level are all displayed on your profile in details. You can also compare your trophies with that of your friends and make jest of them if you are in the lead.
Keep an eye on your online friends
With Playstation network, you are able to know when your friends are online, and when last they logged in. Isn't that exciting! This allows us to create a large chart that tracks what everyone does in other to make sure we have the required teams needed for a 1 pm SOCOM. It is widespread! Alternatively, it could be just us doing it.
Use adobe flash player 9 to enjoy the web
The internet browser for PS3 systems now support adobe flash player 9. This means that you can play flash supported games, intros and enjoy the full experience of other website you use.
Excellent video controls
You can use scene search to easily surf through your saved movies or videos like flips on a DVD. On the other hand, set it to play continuously nonstop one after the other to keep the fun going.
XMB Internet Search
Do you need to find something quickly? You can now start your internet search straight from the XMB screen.